Website Lead tracking: Clearbit Reveal vs Alternatives

You’ve probably heard of Google Analytics. But did you know that you can even see which company is visiting your website?

There are even quite some tools out there that provide you with this data. Simply connect your website and discover which companies are visiting your website.

In this blog, we give you a good overview of the company tracking market. We dive into quality and quantity, but maybe more important: the shocking differences in pricing!

Clearbit Reveal is the undisputed market leader in the website tracking industry. But it comes with a hefty price.

How does that quality stack up to its competitors? Even better, how does the  price compare?

We ran a little experiment to find out!

We gave five professional website trackers the task to track the visitors of a marketing consultancy website for a period of two weeks. While the visitors should be the same for every source, the results varied a lot among the five competitors. Let’s take a look at the differences!

First things first; Quality

Not every lead is worth tracking. For instance, internet providers can be very misleading. The website tracker can detect that someone on a ZIGGO internet connection visits your website. This could very well be a 10-year old kid visiting your website by accident on the internet connection of his parents.

To answer the question who gives the best quality of leads, we made a selection of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ leads. After this selection, we detected a whole other ranking of the performance among the five competitors!

For instance, Clearbit found 98% good leads in two weeks, where Leadfeeder found around 74% good leads.

But even with this selection, it is hard to say something about the quality in leads of the used tools. This is because every competitor came up with some different leads than the others did. So in that sense, every tool had some unique quality..

But let’s get to the part where the differences are highly significant: the pricing!

What are the differences in pricing?

Clearbit Reveals position as market leader expresses itself most obviously in the pricing. For the simple Clearbit Reveal API option, pricing starts at €199,-,- on a monthly basis. This is insane when we look at the pricing of the four other competitors. Leadfeeder and Hubspot ask respectively €59,- and €46,- per month. We can find Leadboxer in this pricing category as well: €49,-. But for this price you’ll find yourself a limited amount of leads provided (250). BreakfastLeads is by far the biggest differentiator in the pricing category. For only €9,95 they provide the same services, with seemingly the same quality, as their competitors. Not to mention they don’t throttle the amount of leads detected; it’s ‘unlimited’

What does this mean for the price per good lead?

The ‘average’ competitors ask reasonable prices per good lead. At Leadfeeder and Hubspot, you’ll both pay €0,37 per good lead. Leadboxer is very close to this price, and asks around €0,32 per good lead. Clearbit is significantly more expensive than those competitors. With a price of €1,08 per good lead, they’re 300% more expensive than most of their competitors! But the real difference is found at BreakfastLeads. With their extremely low price per month, they can provide you with a good lead for only €0,08 cents!

So there are more affordable solutions in case you can’t afford the hefty prices from Clearbit!

Quality to money ratio

We’ve made a small overview of the percentage good leads and the price per month of every tool: 







Percentage Good Leads






Price per month






Our opinion on Clearbit Reveals market leader position is short and simple: Clearbit Reveal is not worth it’s price compared to their quality.

Since Clearbit Reveal and BreakfastLeads doesn’t differ much in quality of leads, it’s interesting to look at their pricing. For every good lead Clearbit got us, we’ve pay about 1,08. That’s around 14(!!!) good leads at BreakfastLeads!

Now you have a better understanding of the website tracking market, we advise you to look further than just Clearbit Reveal. There are alternatives available that can do better in quality, and definitely in price!