How to prospect when you only know that A company is interested?

You probably know how many visitors your websites has. But do you know how many of them are business and how many are - non important - consumers?

What if I told you that you can find out which visitor is which? There are tools available for your website - much like Google Analytics - that can identify when a reader visits your website from a company office.


Imagine what this could mean for your insights. You can now find out which pages are particularly interesting for you business visitors. And what businesses visit your website on a given day. This can be very valuable for your sales. But the question is, how can you turn this information into something really valuable?

Let us explain!

By the way, for this blog we’ve used our favorite tool: BreakfastLeads. There are more advanced tools available, but we like the price (not even 10 dollars per month), and the simplicity. You simply get an email everyday, it shows you at what time, what company visited which pages.

First of all, it is important to be cautious in your approach. It’s not smart to say: I saw that you visited our website! You don’t want to give your possible clients the feeling that you’re Big Brother himself.

Moreover, you only know that someone in the company visited your website. But you don’t know exactly who.

It might seem a little bit difficult that you don’t know which person visited your website. But since you do have a lot of other information, there are three good ways to proceed!

Approach no. 1. Luke warm calling

The first option is simple cold calling, but since you know at least someone is interested, let’s call it luke warm ;-). Since BreakfastLeads provided you with a phone number, it’s easy to reach your possible client.

With a bit of research, this option can be carried out very effectively. For instance, you’ve seen that a certain company visited the sales page of your website for quite a while. This tells you that the company might be interested in buying your product or services. That means that you want to get in touch with the person that’s responsible for the company’s purchases. A quick LinkedIn search should point you in the right direction.

Dial the phone number you’ve got, and ask for this person. Now you can start discussing what your companies might be able to do for eachother!

Approach no. 2. Peek at their LinkedIn profile

The second option is more subtle of nature. Through this way, your marketing starts at LinkedIn. LinkedIn shows you which person visited your personal page. So let’s stay with the earlier example. Again you want to get in contact with the person responsible for the purchases of the company. Since LinkedIn is the greatest professional network available, it must be possible to find this person.

From here you have two options.

The first one requires a little bit of patience. When you visit this person's page, he/she will get a notification. Now you can wait for him/her to visit your page back, and then you have your connection. From this point, making contact with this person is a lot easier.

The other option is more in line with the cold calling way we discussed before. Through you can find out what this person’s professional e-mail address is. So when you’ve got his/her e-mail address, you can start cold mailing!

Approach no. 3. LinkedIn advertising on 1 company

The last option works with LinkedIn as well. You can use the information you’ve got form Breakfast Leads to advertise on LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to advertise very accurately. You can chose to show your ads only to Company X. In this way, your advertisement will be shown to the whole company that visited your website. Now you can just sit back and wait for your future client to make contact with you!

Inspired by three ways to use your leads, you’re all set to go after your possible clients. Follow your Leads, and happy prospecting!