Clearbit vs HubSpot

The fact that website tracking is more important than ever probably didn’t slip your mind. Several tools can identify which company is visiting your website.

Clearbit is the absolute market leader in the world of website tracking. In a recent experiment, Clearbit was compared to four of her most dangerous competitors. (

The quality and pricing was taken into account. Many differences were found, with some shocking results as well!

Why is this important?

The differences were found in both quality and pricing. The differences in quality were found among every competitor. Every tool came up with leads that others didn’t find, and had in that sense their own unique quality.

So the quality is different for every tool, but non of the competitors is significantly better than others. This fact tells us that the website tracking business is still innovating, and has plenty of room for improvement.

The pricing is where the real important differences were found!

Because of her gigantic market share, Clearbit Reveal can permit to ask insane prices for their services. But considering alternatives, is this really worth it?

How does Clearbit stand up against HubSpot?

Clearbit obviously has a better percentage of good leads. With 98% of their leads labelled as ‘good’, they outrun their competition by far. HubSpot reaches a percentage of 54%.

Looking at the price differences between Clearbit and HubSpot, we see that the price per good lead is significantly lower at HubSpot. At Clearbit, you’ll pay around €1,08 per good lead. With a price of €0,37 per good lead, HubSpot provides you a good lead for 3 times cheaper than Clearbit!

With the quality and the price both considered, our choice for a website tracker would be HubSpot.

How does the winner stand up against the best?

Our own choice for website tracking is BreakfastLeads. They reach a percentage of 85% good leads, for the price of €9,95 per month! With an average of only €0,08 cents per good lead, BreakfastLeads is by far the best choice in the competition!

Even though HubSpot is a better alternative than Clearbit, they can’t compete with BreakfastLeads. In both percentage good leads and pricing, they’re more attractive than any competitor! Look at their website to decide for yourself!





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