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Clearbit Reveal Alternatives. 3 options that costs less

What is Clearbit Reveal and how does it work?

Clearbit Reveal is the biggest fish in the market of website tracking. As a company it might be very useful to know which other companies visited your website. Customers use Clearbit Reveals services to turn anonymous website traffic into full company profiles. With the information of which company visited what parts of your website for how long, companies can easily adjust their marketing. Supported by given e-mail adresses, phone numbers and companies locations, it is very easy for companies to get in contact with relevant website visitors.

Clearbit Reveal is able to make a company profile of your website’s visitors by their IP adresses. It works in three ways. The very first one works with Google Analytics. Clearbit uses Google Technology to upload information about your website's visitors to your Google Analytics account. The two other options go with the technology of API. API is a set of digital definitions through which software programs can communicate. By adding a certain script on your website you make it possible for Clearbit to track the visitors by using the API.

How much does Clearbit Reveal costs?

For the Google Analytics option you pay per ‘monthly unique visitors’. Prices are variable from €199,- per month with a maximum of 10.000 unique visitors, till €999,-  per month with a maximum of 100.000 unique visitors. The API options are way more expensive than the Google Analytics option. Monthly costs are starting at €1000,- and might go up, depending on the intensity of your use of their services.

What are the alternatives for Clearbit Reveal?

Clearbit is not the only player in the game of website tracking. For instance, works with exactly the same Google Analytics technique to track your website visitors. Despite the fact that you’ll have to create an account on Google Analytics as well as a Snitcher dashboard, this website could be a good alternative for Clearbit Reveal. Snitcher is definitely lower in pricing than Clearbit. For €54,- per month they’ll provide you the service Clearbit Google Analytics option does.

For Clearbits API options are several alternatives as well

Take, they offer the exact same service as the API options do. Their price varies with the amount of pageviews. Starting from €75,- for a maximum of 1.000 pageviews, till €425,- for a maximum of 25.000 pageviews, Leadelephant is still way cheaper than Clearbit Reveal.

Our choice:

While we like the smooth set-up with Clearbit, it’s hard to act on the data. For us that’s simply because it’s not in our work flow. We like the option from Snitcher, where they send you a daily email with all the companies from the last 24 hours. However, for more insights we still have to visit their dashboard.

That’s why we love You’ll receive a daily e-mail with an overview of visiting companies for €9,95 on a monthly basis. Not only can you see which companies, but also which pages they visited and for how long. This way you can immediately act on the companies visiting your service pages, and disregard the ones only reading one blog.

When you subscribe for a year, the price drops to €8,29. For this prices, you’ll get unlimited leads in your mailbox. Like that isn’t differentiating enough, their website garantes you even 100% happiness. Something you might be in need of on a early morning at the office.